We’ve all been stressed about the holidays and spending lots of time cooking, more time than usual with relatives, and trying to make everything perfect. So we came up with 5 Thanksgiving Hosting Tips to help you enjoy the season!

1. Separate the talkers

We all know those relatives. The ones who monopolize the conversation or who bring up all the topics we’d rather ignore. Solution: Separate the talkers. We like to use printable name tags to assign seats. That way the host has some control over who sits where and who gets to sit at the kids (aka the fun) table.

2. Prep as much as you can ahead of time

To help ease the cooking on Thanksgiving morning, prep as much as you can in the days before. Many things can be prepped ahead like stuffing, cranberries, cornbread, and more! That way you already have a good portion of the meal prepared before Thanksgiving Day arrives and you can enjoy the day without stressing in the kitchen!

3. Delegate!

You don’t have to make every single dish! Assign a side or dessert to your guests. They will be happy to help make a single dish when you’re handling all the hosting duties!

4. Have a game ready to initiate conversation

No one wants to talk politics or hear their grandma ask about their relationship status around the Thanksgiving table. Try using these Table Topics prompts to initiate some fun conversation to get to know your loved ones better (with topics you actually want to talk about)

5. Watch Thanksgiving episodes of your favorite sitcoms


After football, stream Thanksgiving episodes of classic sitcoms. Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond have tons of Thanksgiving episodes that are sure to be hits for everyone in your family.

We hope these 5 Thanksgiving Hosting Tips are useful and help you enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. Be sure to read our last blog on Carla and Erik’s beautiful fall wedding!

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