Fall is the favorite season for so many people so it makes sense it’s a peak season for weddings as well! Check out our fall wedding ideas and tips to make sure your fall wedding is an event your family and friends will be talking about for years to come!

1. S’mores Bar

Sure, you can do a s’mores bar anytime, but something about a campfire and s’mores in the fall is just the best. Take things up a notch with different types of graham cracker and chocolate options. Using a Reese Cup instead of a Hershey Bar is one of our favorites swaps!

S’mores Bar

2. Have Pie Instead of Cake

Is there anything more fall than an apple pie?! Think about switching up from a standard wedding cake and serve pies instead! Our sweet couple Kritika and Roger did this at their wedding last year and it was a huge hit! They had chocolate (shown below), apple, and berry! We always love something unique and fall is the perfect time of year to have pie for dessert.


3. Blankets for Outside Ceremonies

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony the temperature could be chilly. Having blankets ready for guests is not only functional, it’s cute too! Plus, your guests will be very grateful.


4. Golden Hour Photos

Sunset is earlier at this time of year so be sure to time golden hour photos correctly. Your planner and photographer can help you with this, but you want to make sure you get beautiful photos without sacrificing the timing for you or your guests!

Nicole Ashley Photography

5. Fall Colors

Saving the best and maybe most obvious for last, but fall offers a whole different color palette than any other season. Think deep reds, burgundies, burnt orange, dark green – so many options! And be sure to go with in-season flowers to match these colors and to keep your flower budget reasonable.

Fall Colors

We hope these fall wedding ideas and tips were inspiring! Be sure to read last week’s blog on a beautiful rooftop event we planned!

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