Independence Day is one to be celebrated with family, friends, and food. It’s the day where everyone goes all out with the red, white, and blue patriotic theme, but you’re getting bored with the same old décor. You want ideas that restore your Independence Day spirit, so this year try these fresh 4th of July Party ideas that are sure to help you impress! 

1. Adult layered Jell-O Shots

What better way to cool down in the heat and give your party a little more flare than making these festive drinks? They are the perfect treat to beat the heat and great for 4th of July parties.  Don’t leave all the fun to the kids with this unique and tasty drink.  Here’s a recipe on how to make them. 

 2. 4th of July Luminaries

 These luminaries are the perfect activity for kids and adults alike. They have multiple uses as a centerpiece, general décor, and even for holding utensils around the table, so make the most of them! If used as lights, they add a gentle fluorescent glow for when dusk arrives, still giving that patriotic spirit. Click here to see how to make them! 

3. Ring toss activity 


Painting old bottles and reusing them to make some competitive fun is enjoyable for the entire family. A simple game of Bottle Ring Toss allows any guest to have a good time and cherish some memories with the kids. It brings out light-hearted competition and lets everyone have some fun! Here’s a DIY craft on how to make them.  

4. Children’s Layered Punch

You don’t have to worry about leaving the children out of the tasty layered drinks with this wonderful recipe.  With this non-alcoholic drink, everyone can cool off and be festive doing so! Here’s the recipe for this cool drink. 

5. Red, White and Blue Poke Cake

What’s a party without some good ol’ dessert, especially when it’s made fresh out of the oven. This poke cake matches the patriotic theme and the fresh berries leave a delightful taste in your mouth. This delicious treat will be gone in seconds because of how yummy it is and it’s definitely worth baking! It’s a little more time-consuming than simply getting store-bought treats but everyone will love it when you bake this recipe.

Let us know what you think about these 4th of July party ideas! If you think this article was worth checking out, be sure to check last week’s the blog on graduation party ideas! 

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