We love any excuse to celebrate at H&L, including Valentine’s Day! It can be considered a Hallmark holiday, but with some intentionality and these tips below, it’s possible to make it another fun day to celebrate with your partner, your kids, or your friends! Check out these 5 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

1. Cupid Kits

We are so excited to offer Cupid Kits for any kiddo, or fun loving-adult, in your life! Each Cupid Kit features fun, safe Valentine’s Day goodies and activities. We’ll deliver the party package right to your door (limited to DC-area customers) just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Cookie Decorating Kit
Hearts Garland Craft
Blush Bears Candy
Heart Sunglasses
Ordering deadline: Monday, February 7th. Kits will be delivered on Sunday, February 13th. DMV-area only

2. Galentine’s Day

Plan a Galentine’s Celebration with your best friends! Pop some champagne, watch a rom-com, and eat all of the chocolate! No one says you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day even if you’re single!

3. Date Night Cooking Class

Try a date night out with a cooking class! Having a romantic dinner out for Valentine’s day is classic, but not super inventive. Sur La Table has lots of classes and this Date Night: Winter In Paris option is the perfect romantic date night option!

4. Try a New Dessert

Make a fun dessert that isn’t chocolate for a change of pace! These three options look as pretty as they are delicious! We love a themed dessert!

5. Recreate your Favorite Date Night

While doing new things is always fun, sometimes it’s even better to reminisce on the past. Try recreating your favorite date night for some nostalgia! Don’t stress about making it perfect. Just have fun reliving the past while creating new memories!

As always, we hope you enjoy these 5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day! Let us know which is your favorite! And don’t forget to get your Cupid Kits!

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