Don’t snooze on winter weddings. Check out these 10 reasons to have a winter wedding and see why it might be the perfect option for you!

1. Winter weddings are often less expensive

Most wedding venues have in season and off season rates. This could lead to a big savings if you have your wedding outside of peak season. Many venues have rates that can be thousands less than the spring, summer, and fall months which is great news for your budget!

2. You won’t be competing with other weddings and events in the spring, summer, and fall

There is so much less to plan around in the winter! You’re not trying to avoid someone else’s wedding date, graduation parties, or fall football games. Winter time allows your wedding to be the priority and not be up against other big events.

3. The winter season has an entirely different flower selection

Winter offers different flowers so that you can have a unique design that doesn’t look like every other spring and summer wedding. Try including winter greenery and in season flowers like anemones.

4. A tropical honeymoon will be even more fun to escape winter temps

A warm vacation is always a good idea, but even more so in the winter. Enjoy the beautiful winter season for your wedding then jet off to a warm and sunny spot to enjoy your honeymoon. Amazing honeymoon and a way to avoid snow? Check and check!

5. There is more venue and vendor availability

Since it isn’t the height of wedding season, there is much more availability for venues and other wedding vendors like planners, photographers, florists, and more!

6. No humidity!

Your hair will thank you. So will your guests. Enough said!

7. It is the best time for black tie

Black tie doesn’t make sense at an outdoor August wedding. However, it is perfect in the colder months. You won’t hear anyone complaining about it being too hot to be so dressed up. Bring on the tuxes and glam dresses!

8. It is something out of the ordinary that guests will remember

How many summer weddings have you been to? Sure they are always fun, but something about a winter wedding is magical and memorable.

9. You can wear cool accessories

Try one like this moto jacket. Not only can you get one for yourself that says bride on the back, you can also get them for your bridesmaids too. It adds an awesome style moment and something everyone can wear after the big day.

10. Your guests can score better deals on travel

Just like wedding season, travel season has peaks too. Winter months are often much more affordable than summer. Enjoy the perks of cheaper airfare, rentals, and hotels!

We hope you enjoyed these 10 reasons to have a winter wedding. Be sure to check out H&L’s website regularly for new blogs!

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