We love a good holiday tradition. There are so many fun things to do throughout the holiday season. It’s always fun to keep up with old traditions and equally fun to start new ones, especially with your favorite person. So here are 5 holiday traditions you can do with your significant other!

1. Drive around to see holiday lights in your city or a neighboring city

There’s something magical about seeing holiday lights, whether it’s in your own backyard or exploring a new city or neighborhood. Research some options ahead of time or just get in the car and see where the adventure takes you!

2. Make a hot chocolate charcuterie board

Charcuterie boards are all the rage, so why not mix it up with some holiday treats?! You can add whatever you want or stick to a theme like this peppermint-themed board pictured. Add the usuals like marshmallows and whipped cream then turn it up a notch with chocolate-covered pretzels and even shots of Baileys or Kahlua. You can do this with just the two of you or create one together for your next party!

3. Go to a local tree farm and cut down your Christmas tree

Is there anything more romantic than having a date out to a Christmas tree farm and picking out the perfect tree together? Definitely not! Make a day out of it and support a local business while enjoying the outdoors together.

4. Try new holiday drink recipes

We’re all for the fun cocktails. Everyone has their favorite Christmas Ale or go-to wine, but how about trying a new cocktail to mix it up? We love these options, especially the Poinsettia Cocktail. It’s simple, only a few ingredients, and festive! You can even make them in batches ahead of time so you’re not mixing drinks all night!

5. Binge watch your favorite classic Christmas movies

Christmas Vacation, Elf, or some of the classics like White Christmas or It’s a Wonderful Life – you can’t go wrong! And sometimes you just need a feel-good Hallmark movie where you already know the end, but you want to watch anyway. Add in some more fun by creating a drinking game to go along with it. This one for Christmas Vacation is a favorite, or try this one that works for any Hallmark movie!

Enjoy these 5 holiday traditions to do with your significant other and Happy Holidays!

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