Are you sick of the same party favors over and over again? Do you wrestle with loving to give or receive a good party favor, but worry it will be thrown away in a few weeks? If so, this blog post is for you!

We’re sharing our favorite top 5 functional favors you can give to guests fit for any event you are throwing. You can add personalization to any of these favors to make them something your guests won’t forget!

  • Towels – Maya’s family has been using their towels they received in a birthday party welcome/gift bag on repeat, and thus this post was born! Having a pool or beach party or a summer wedding? Keep your guests warm and dry with a towel they can get wet and then take home to use again! This favor also doubles as a good clean up tool for spills and comes in many different colors designs. Your wedding guests will think of your special day every time they use their towel that particular summer and for future summers.
  • Small Notebook – Notebooks are functional for everyone. Who can say no to a cute little notebook to draw in, make a grocery list, plan out your day, or take notes. No matter the occasion, notebooks are the perfect little functional favor!
  • Water bottles/Cups – Everyone loses them, so everyone needs them. Water bottles can be used during the event and then taken home to use again. These can be personalized with each guest’s name to make sure they don’t get lost at the party!
  • Gift cards  -Gift cards are probably the most functional item on this list! Whether the gift card is $5 or $50 it will definitely be used by all. For smaller events personalize the gift card for each person but for larger events a $5-$10 gift card to an ice cream or coffee shop will do! 
  • Candles – Now who doesn’t love a good candle? Every time a yummy candle is lit, not only will your guest think of your event and memories, but their home or office will be the place to mingle.

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