Your big day arrives and it is everything you have ever dreamed… or maybe it wasn’t. Whether you’re thoroughly pleased with the services provided leading up to your event or downright disappointed, it is important to properly voice your concern. Here are two reasons why you should be writing thoughtful, honest reviews of services and products utilized. 

  1. Your reviews can help bring in future clients 

Nobody knows a business better than the consumer. By writing an honest review from your point of view, the consumer, you are able to help future customers decide whether to work with the company or not. Often client reviews are a deciding factor for helping potential clients decide whether they want to work with a business or not.  

  1. Your reviews can help the business improve 

We have all been there. Having a negative experience with a business is not uncommon. When writing a negative review, it is important to be clear in articulation of why your experience was negative. This will help the business pinpoint where they need to focus their efforts.   

Here are some tips and tricks for a trustworthy review: 

  • Be honest 
  • Proofread 
  • Provide details 
  • Use phrases such as “In my experience” or “This was my experience” 
  • Consider offering a balanced point of view (even if you had a negative experience, offer up a positive note) 

Our Founder Maya’s reaction when Honey & Lavender receives a glowing client review!

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