You may be asking, how do we do all that we do?! And honestly our secret sauce is our fabulous intern team! When Maya began her first intern search for Honey & Lavender late last summer, she could never have dreamed of the impressive ladies that have graced Honey & Lavender’s door and make 90% of things happen when they need to happen.

This week, we wanted to introduce you to our fabulous interns.

  • Elise Moses – Elise has interned with Honey & Lavender the longest, since September 2020 and is such a rock star. Always willing to help out and lead the charge with whatever and whenever. She also has a great creative eye and a natural knack for event-planning – probably due to her and her mother owning their own wedding space in Efland, North Carolina! Check out the blog post she wrote about this very experience! Elise is a rising junior at American University and loves Matcha Lattes!
  • Paige Chase – Paige is who Maya refers to as “Ms. Jack of All Trades”. Need someone to do hair for a styled photo shoot, Paige is on it. Need someone to take professional photos for a party kit, Paige is on it. Need someone to prospect foundations for funding, Paige is on it. Paige joined the H&L team in May and has hit the ground running, both with events and assisting with fundraising for our nonprofit clients. Paige is a rising junior at Towson University and loves working at pop culture conventions as a celebrity assistant in her free time!
  • Julia Cohen – Julia is game for anything, which Maya loves. Whether it’s working a wedding with Maya a month into her internship (and the wedding couple gushing over how wonderful she was to boot) or dropping off a beautiful (and $$$) wedding gown from a photo shoot, Maya knows Julia will get it done and get it done correctly. And that peace of mind is so valuable. Julia is also a rising junior at American University and is your gal for eating out recs!

Please join the Honey & Lavender team in giving all these ladies a huge hand!

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