When it comes to your special day, everyone important in your life may feel the need to give their personal input on the day of decisions. While some advice will be helpful and needed to keep you on track, it is crucial to draw a line when it comes to making this day your own. Here are three tips and tricks to limit the voices and opinions from others during the planning process and stick true to your wants.

Tip #1: Give each person one task to focus on

            By delegating your tasks to these individuals in your life who want to help but do not exactly know how, you are reducing your workload and helping them feel important at the same time. Some examples of tasks to delegate are curating a list of vendors or doing initial research for you, helping stuff those pesky invitations, or making centerpieces.

Tip #2: Relax and De-Stress

            The last thing we want is a frustrated bride. Take time for some self-care to help reduce the opportunity of an anger outburst. We recommend yoga, hot baths or showers, walks or runs, or even just sitting down to listen to music or watch your favorite show.

Last but not least what we consider to be one of the most helpful tips,

Tip #3: Hire a Wedding Planner

            Hiring a wedding planner has numerous benefits as well as varying ways to support you before, during, and after your special day. Your wedding planner will always be on your side 100%, ensuring to execute your vision and no one else’s.

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