We’ve been quietly and excitedly working behind the scenes for awhile on a project Maya has wanted to offer at Honey & Lavender Events for quite sometime.

Themed party kits for kids and adults, gals and guys!

One of the many things that brings joy to Maya and the team at Honey & Lavender is spending hours researching and combing through all the latest and greatest ideas, trends, trinkets, party and event items, etc out there to provide our clients that best service and products out there. Seriously.

In addition to continuing to serve our clients with top-notch service for all kinds of events under the sun, Maya also wanted to offer people the opportunity to purchase ready-made party kits that would help people not feel so overwhelmed with the idea of hosting a party or getting exhausted just thinking about all that had to be done and purchased even before the party happened or even the planning began.

We dabbled in the party kit and party bundle service over the years with our Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Bundles and our July 4th electronic party kit to name a few – and now we’re ready to fully start launching new party kits and seasonal party kits every month or so!

You may be asking how and where we find items for our kits – great question. We research and peruse the best websites and stores and vendors for items – some you have heard of, some you may not have heard of, some stores are budget-friendly and others are pricier. We want to make sure that a party kit feels cohesive and honestly robust enough to be considered its own little party! Each kit features cool add-ons, like on-theme custom cookies or balloons. Maya is also very passionate and committed to featuring an item in each party kit from a local business or creative to help fellow entrepreneurs like herself and highlight local talent.

Our first seasonal party kit we launched was our St. Patty’s Day kit, which was extremely popular with people.

We quickly followed this kit with our Unicorn Party Kit, completely inspired by Maya’s soon-to-be 6-year-old daughter, Ava.

Click here to purchase!

We are currently getting ready to launch a Dinosaur Party Kit and a Mother’s Day Surprise and Delight Kit very soon!

We are also thrilled to offer customized party kit, bundle, or packages to our clients. Just ask!

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