When planning an event, the entertainment portion of the event can sometimes be overlooked. DJs can bring a special type of entertainment to any event, that will bring a lively element and will please your guests! Here are recommendations that should be taken into consideration when searching for a DJ.

1. Make sure that the DJ enjoys public speaking! If they can interact with kids and the crowd well, they sound like a good match!

2. Your initial conversations should be fun and energetic. If something feels off, it is best to continue the search. Remember that the DJ will be attending YOUR EVENT. Your guests should enjoy the DJ just as much as you! 

3. Breakdown the details of your event with the DJ to make sure that they can work with your schedule and transitions. The DJ serves as an excellent announcer for different events of the day/night. 

4. The DJ sees it all- so make sure that you trust the person you are hiring! Dancing and speaking can be emotional for many people. You should be comfortable with the DJ being present for those moments.

5. Rates for DJs can vary significantly based on experience and equipment usage. Make sure that you are hiring someone with the correct props for your event and someone who enjoys listening to the type of music that you like. You don’t want to be overcharged in this category. 

6. Create a playlist before meeting with DJs and see how they react to the songs on the list. 

7. A full-service DJ is spending quite a few hours preparing for your event. If you need a breakdown of prices it is absolutely appropriate to ask. Be mindful that DJs have to plan things out accordingly and have many trial runs with their equipment before the official event.

8. Do your research and asking a DJ for their references or searching for recommendations is totally appropriate. Referrals can also be beneficial!

9. Make sure to have a contract between you and the DJ that has key details of your event. You both should be on the same page.

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