We had a very important birthday celebration last month – our Little Man turned 2! Tommy and I still can’t believe how big he is. It seems as if overnight he started running and climbing all over the place and has so many things to say. 🙂

The cutest shirt ever.

Like most birthdays that fell victim to the COVID, Luke’s party wasn’t the original birthday party we had been planning for our Little Man, but we made the most of it!

We invited two other families with their kiddos to our house for some good ‘ole’ backyard fun that looked like a bounce house, burgers and hotdogs, and birthday cupcakes. One of Luke’s most favorite books is Little Blue Truck from the same book series, so that is what inspired his birthday theme!

Cupcake Toppers from Grace Giggles and Glue.

We rented our bounce house from Astro Jump DC and were so pleased with their customer service and product.

The birthday boy seeing the bounce time for the first time. (We had them come set it up during his nap).
Luke and Ava getting some private time in the bounce house before the guests arrived.

Our neighbor Michelle brought the bar to the party – Aperol Spritzes for everyone!

Singing and Cupcake time!

Ava and Ava and Luke’s friend William took it upon themselves to start opening Luke’s presents on their own…

We love you so much Lukey!

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