Some of you may be wondering how the name “Honey & Lavender” came to be.

There is a lot of sentimental value and symbolism behind the name for Maya, owner of Honey & Lavender.

There used to be a TV show on Nickelodeon called ‘Maya the Bee’ when she was a child. Since her family didn’t have cable when Maya was younger, this was unbeknownst to her. However, her classmates used to terrorize Maya by singing the theme song around her and calling her “Maya the Bee” all the time. Maya HATED it.

Through the years, the hatred started to wane and she embraced it. Maya’s mom and now in-laws whole heartedly fell into the bee craze and started buying her everything under the sun with bees on it (candles, pillows, figurines, honey, blankets, etc). They call it her memorabeelia. And she is still affectionately called “Maya the Bee” or “Bee”. In fact one of her daughter’s nicknames is “Mini Bee”. The bee saga continues!

Maya’s love for lavender began with her mom’s love for anything lavender, particularly fresh lavender. She cannot remember a time when she didn’t buy her mom something “lavender” for her birthday or Christmas or when they didn’t have a bundle of fresh lavender in the house. The beautiful color and scent has stayed with Maya – not only does she love the flowering plant, but it reminds Maya of her mom and her childhood. Something that is even more precious now that her mother passed away in late-2017. Her mom was so thrilled and proud when Maya decided to launch her business part-time (at first) and Maya knows her mom is guiding her through this dream and journey.

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