Who says you can’t still have parties during COVID-19? Albeit, there are unique social distancing guidelines and rules being implemented, but just because you have to be physically distant, doesn’t mean you can’t still be socially connected.

I could tell Ava and Luke, especially Ava, were really starting to miss seeing their friends and classmates so I put together the next best thing I could think of – decorating Easter cookies with some of them over a Zoom call one Saturday morning!

I came up with a manageable guest list (and honestly the friends that lived the closest to us were ranked higher for delivery purposes!) and then emailed parents the details of the party.

  • When
  • What Time
  • The Zoom information
  • When I would be delivering pre-made Easter cookie decorating kits, so the other parents wouldn’t have to do a thing

I ordered the most adorable Easter Cookie Kits from The Cookie Momster Kitchen and then dropped off these kits to Ava and Luke’s friends who were invited to the party the Friday afternoon before.

Saturday at 10am was party time! One of the things I love about virtual calls, parties, and events is that ANYONE can come. I also extended the party invitation to several of my friends with kidds Ava and Luke’s age from across the country and they joined too! (They either had their own cookie decorating supplies or made waffles for breakfast if they were on PST). We had friend from Northern Virginia, Dallas, Greenwich, and LA attend!

Ava’s bestie from Pre-K, Addie.
Ava’s buddy James in Dallas.
Ava and Luke’s friend Maeve from the neighborhood.

I would say it was a very successful first virtual party we’ve hosted. 🙂

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