Have you ever heard of a Sip and See?

It is a party or gathering that happens a couple months after a baby is born. It’s an opportunity for family and close friends to meet the baby in a relaxed and familiar setting (usually at the baby’s house). The gathering can be as elaborate – with a dedicated theme for decorations and food -or not, as to not cause any more stress or sleep deprivation to the new Mama!

Katie wanted to keep Baby Elizabeth’s simple and elegant.

Decorations were framed photos from Elizabeth’s newborn photo shoot and lots of fresh flowers throughout the house.

The menu included an assortment of tea sandwiches and a cheese and charcuterie tray from Central Market. A couple of dips, cracker baskets, fruit for a fruit salad, and Macaroons (yes you read that correctly!) from Costco, and the tastiest petite fours from Stein’s Bakery.

Complete with a Mimosa Bar + Iced Tea + Water.

Other Sip and See Tibits:

  • If you are hosting a Sip and See, make sure you have lots of hand sanitizer displayed throughout the house for guests. It is NOT impolite to kindly ask and remind guests to wash their hands before touching or holding the baby.
  • Gifts are welcome at Sip and Sees, but certainly not expected.
  • If you are attending a Sip and See and it’s not explicit on the invitation, do ask before you bring your kid(s) to a Sip and See. Some parents don’t mind the extra chaos (and germs!), but others may – particularly if they are first-timers!

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