Happy June! Who else cannot believe that it’s already June?!

We’re gearing up for a busy summer and fall over here at Honey & Lavender and what better time to introduce you all on the blog to Hannah, our righthand woman! You’ll find her right next to Maya at most events making sure everything is running smoothly and that we have everything needed to make the event go seamlessly and perfectly.

Here are some fun facts about Hannah:

  • Where are you from?  Rock Ridge, NC
  • How long have you been in DC?  10 years!  I can’t believe it…
  • What is your favorite DC restaurant?  Hank’s Oyster Bar (DuPont location)
  • A fun, interesting fact about you?  I grew up on a beef cattle farm.
  • Why are you in the event space? “Do What You Love, and You’ll Never Work Another Day in Your Life”  I absolutely love planning events and there is nothing better than a perfectly executed event, a happy client, and guests who thoroughly enjoy themselves.  
  • What is your ideal perfect event? My ideal events (and most exhausting!) are my nephews’ birthday parties.  My sister always comes up with the most fun ideas and I love watching the boys party their little hearts out.

We love you Hannah!

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